July 3, 2003

They’re Taking Over!!

Can you say, another lizard in the house? [Refer to Thursday, June 26th entry.] About ten minutes ago, my brother started screaming. Apparently, he had found a lizard in the hallway. As I type, my brother and dad are conspiring about how to get rid of lizard #2. My dad’s convinced that they’re coming in through the garage so he won’t take it outside and just let it go in the yard. I think he might put it in a box, drive it somewhere and then let it go. Grrrreat.

On another note, I went hiking this afternoon with ylin and hyunsil in the hills of Malibu. ‘Twas a hot yet pleasant excursion. The first part of the trail was all uphill with no shade to protect us from the brutal sun. Once we got to the apex of the hill, the latter portion was sweet–more green, with abounding shade. We passed through a babbling brook, even. The second part of the trail would not have been as enjoyable had we not sweated and toiled like we did to get up to the crest of the hill.

Update from my dad: He just told me that he took the lizard outside in its holding cell (a shoe box) and shook it up and down a few times so that when it got out, it would be discombobulated and wouldn’t know where it was. That way, it wouldn’t remember how to get back to our house. Grrrrreat, Dad.


4 Responses to “”

  1. danielplanet Says:

    Your dad is my kinda guy.  That’s just too funny!

  2. Clarephile Says:

    hahahaha! fun stuff…

  3. naperuale Says:

    hehehe I think lizards like your home…
    by the way, an update, you can now find your photos at: http://humanities.sfsu.edu/~ms810/projects-spring-2003/abravo/ if you erase the last abravo/ you can see the projects of the whole class too…
    have fun!

  4. hyunsil Says:

    yeah.  i was feelin’ the heat, yo.  but it was still fun.  i’m glad that bug didn’t do any permanent damage.  let’s venture out again real soon, y’hear?

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