July 19, 2003

My godson Adam just got a new 12″ iBook! Yeaahh baby! He is sooooo stoked! I am sooooo stoked! We’re a regular Apple family.


3 Responses to “”

  1. quelynn Says:

    Dang. It’s MAChines like these that make me consider jumping ship from a PC platform. 😛

  2. naperuale Says:

    Way to go, Adam!!! 🙂
    I think I’ll get mine in sept-oct. I’m so much looking forward to it…. Is resolution/size big enough? What do you think? How about speed and so?
    By the way, nice “perfection” quotation!!!
    I think Travis is my favorite CD at the moment.

  3. naperuale Says:

    Oh! those 2 eprops were directed to Adam for getting a 12″ ibook. These are for you 🙂 Give me a call if you come to the city…

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