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August 31, 2003

It’s still foggy. Another night of falling asleep to the sound of the fog horn, I guess.


August 31, 2003

A sign that I’m still in the adjustment phase: fumbling for the key to open my house here in SF, 9 times out of 10 this week I broke out the key to my house in Walnut.

August 31, 2003

First Saturday back in SF. This week has been way too cold, shockingly so. Tonight we’re cloaked in a wet, palpable fog. Mist everywhere. And it’s freezing.

It’s been foggy almost all day, I think. Melissa and I decided to drive to the East Bay in search of sunnier, greener pastures. We first stopped at the Cheeseboard, a bakery co-op in Berkeley, for some of their excellent pizza. This Berkeley institution is right across the street from Chez Panisse on Shattuck Avenue and has been around for thirty years. There is no boss nor are there employees; it is worker-owned. Every time I go, there’s a jazz musician playing the piano in the bakery as you wait in line. After Melissa and I paid for our pizza, we headed outside for an al fresco lunch. We took in a good dose of the sun as we joined about a dozen other people sitting on the grassy island in the middle of Shattuck Avenue, chowing down on Cheese Board’s masterpiece of the day: mushroom, green pepper, parsley, garlic oil, feta and mozzarella pizza.

From there, we made our way to IKEA in Emeryville. [Note to self: IKEA is a crazy, crazy zoo on Saturdays.] We did a good deal of weaving, first through the cars in the parking lot and then through the maddening crowds inside. After two hours of roaming through aisles of plastic kitchen utensils and gaudy shower curtains, we came to our last hurdle: the lines at the cash registers. And I thought the lines at the DMV were long.

What’s a girl to do on a Saturday night? Funny, but I had a hankering to do laundry tonight. I ended up at a small laundromat in the outer Richmond. You’d be surprised at how many men do their laundry on a Saturday night. There was maybe one other girl. I actually felt really lonely there.

I miss LA. I miss the heat. I miss everyone.

Currently watching: Kiki’s Delivery Service by Hayao Miyazaki. A really charming, coming-of-age anime.

August 26, 2003

First Day All Over Again

Time to start school again! Department meeting today. Here’s to a clean slate, unfringed with post-it notes.

August 26, 2003

I’m back! What a great drive–except for the part where I got pulled over by the CHP.

August 24, 2003

Packing up for the move to SF. Tying up loose ends. Staring mindlessly out the window. Almost falling asleep (I’ve had a long weekend with an even longer week preceding it). Hoping to catch a second play of This American Life because I seem to keep missing it.

Listening to a very nice CD by Iron and Wine. It’s kind of pensive:

August 20, 2003

1:36 am. I’ve been laying in bed for about an hour now and I can’t seem to drop off into sleep. My body is betond exhausted but my mind is awake. A dull state of consciousness, but consciousness nonetheless.

Altight. Attempt #2. Am going to back to bed in hopes of achieving some REM this morning.

Oh, for some sleep.

August 17, 2003

How can I pack up my things and leave for San Francisco in a week? *Sigh* I seem to deal with this every summer I come home to LA–the initial awkardness of the first few weeks, eventually getting back into the groove of flat suburban LA life and enjoying time with friends and family. Then comes the hardest part: removing myself from my comfort zone and leaving. Starting in SF all over again. Another crazy school year. Arrrgh!

Only, this may be the last year of this terrible cycle. One year of graduate school left–contingent on passing my comprehensive exams, of course–and then I settle. But where? Methinks LA, but that of course, is subject to the providential winds of change, like every other plan I’ve made in my life. We’ll see, I guess.

For now, I’m just thankful to be coming back to the same old rowhouse on 30th Avenue in the Richmond, to my room with huge bay windows overlooking our neighbors’ lawns and onto our own perpetually green garden.

Wow! I didn’t realize how tired I was. Almost dropped off during the last paragraph. It’s been a long Saturday. I’m out.

August 14, 2003

WOo hoo! Xanga is back up!

August 8, 2003

We made it! I’m sitting on the floor of my friend’s place in SF, checking email and what not on the iBook. Ylin is already abed. She is out like a trout!

Phew! What a long drive. A lot of hay-baling happenin’ on the 5 freeway. Will post pictures of the journey later.

We’re doing a dry run tomorrow to check out the lighting situation in each of our locations: Strybing Arboretum and Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park and later, McCormick & Kuleto’s in Ghiradelli Square. Hope to get some breakfast and lunch in there somewhere.

‘Night from SF.