August 7, 2003

I love driving home at sunset.

On goes the studying for the dreaded COMPs–some days I’m more disciplined than others–but am taking a break for five days. Am gearing up for a trip to SF to shoot a wedding Saturday; leaving tomorrow morning. Packing bodies and lenses, my lappytoppy, my toothbrush. Ylin will be my trusty assistant. Am praying for good solid weather. Because you never know in San Francisco. You just never know.


4 Responses to “”

  1. keili Says:

    when can i be your assistant?  have fun in sf.  can’t wait for our pizza party. yay!

  2. hyunsil Says:

    have fun and be careful.
    (that’s what stacey’s mom always told stacey before she went anywhere, from the babysitter’s club series).  i know… that was random.

  3. naperuale Says:

    Cool! Give me a call to see if we can meet!!! 🙂 Where’s the wedding? According to this weekend is going to be a little chilly and pretty windy. Make sure to bring a sweater!!!

  4. quelynn Says:

    COOL! Good luck with the shoot. I wish you good weather as well.

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