August 17, 2003

How can I pack up my things and leave for San Francisco in a week? *Sigh* I seem to deal with this every summer I come home to LA–the initial awkardness of the first few weeks, eventually getting back into the groove of flat suburban LA life and enjoying time with friends and family. Then comes the hardest part: removing myself from my comfort zone and leaving. Starting in SF all over again. Another crazy school year. Arrrgh!

Only, this may be the last year of this terrible cycle. One year of graduate school left–contingent on passing my comprehensive exams, of course–and then I settle. But where? Methinks LA, but that of course, is subject to the providential winds of change, like every other plan I’ve made in my life. We’ll see, I guess.

For now, I’m just thankful to be coming back to the same old rowhouse on 30th Avenue in the Richmond, to my room with huge bay windows overlooking our neighbors’ lawns and onto our own perpetually green garden.

Wow! I didn’t realize how tired I was. Almost dropped off during the last paragraph. It’s been a long Saturday. I’m out.


2 Responses to “”

  1. quelynn Says:

    Man, I wish I had that sort of arrangement when I was going to school. The uni was just an hour’s worth of traffic away from home, so I didn’t have to go anywhere drastically different when the summer ended/started. And I’m assuming now that should be the reason why I am so itching to get out of my own apartment because a family member has moved in during my absence. Oh well, them’s the breaks. Enjoy the last week of summer!

  2. Clarephile Says:

    Aw… SF’s only for another year then… dundunduuun… you can do whatever you want. 😀 Good luck! *hug*

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