September 4, 2003

Say “Multnomah”

Congratulations to the word “Multnomah,” winner of the silver medal at this year’s American Phonetics Championship (held annually in Davenport, Iowa). Immodestly impressed judges cited Multnomah’s rich, full-bodied, early syllables and the subtlety with which its final, floral “ah” lingers in the palette.

–Excerpt from this week’s newsletter from Powell’s Books in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon


8 Responses to “”

  1. ilikesteak Says:

    I always like the word “antipathy.” It’s a pathos-ridden rebellious word that glosses over its real meaning.
    I also like “plethora.” A lot.

  2. quelynn Says:

    Hmm, I like the word ‘snout’. It just sounds so… I dunno. Whenever I hear someone say it, I catch myself saying it too. I think umlaut is my second favorite word.

  3. hyunsil Says:

    the book i’m reading is about the lives of competitive scrabble players.  did you know that “ka” is a word?  (it’s the spiritual form of a human being in an egyptian religion).
    isn’t there a documentary out about spelling bees?  what’s it called again?

  4. argonaut Says:

    Spellbound. Refer to June 20th entry (I think) for more info. It was great! I recommend it without reservation.I

  5. Clarephile Says:

    hehe… i like saying “multnomah”… i just don’t know what it means. šŸ˜€

  6. keili Says:

    wouldn’t “ka” be an egyptian word and therefore excluded from permittable scrabble usage?

  7. hyunsil Says:

    kei: good point.  it would actually depend if the game was governed by either the north american or great britain version… or a combination of both.  great britain actually has a few thousand more words that are alloted than the n. american.  interesting, huh?

  8. argonaut Says:

    Highly interesting!

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