September 8, 2003


I love how there are so many euphemisms for vomiting:

Throwing up
Tossing your cookies
Losing your lunch

An Australian term for vomit: technicolor yawn. Australian verb-age: driving the porcelain bus, perking.

Language is just so creative. There is a finite set of rules, but there is an infinite number of possible utterances. Creativity at its finest.

Anyone else know any other euphemisms for barfing?


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  1. Mich Says:

    You forgot some!
    Ummmm. That’s all I got.

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. argonaut Says:

    Wow, how could I have forgotten those? They’re so basic! That’s the first time I’ve heard of ralphing, however.

  4. skahr Says:

    Down here in Newport Beach, I’ve heard the following response to someone coughing up their lunch:
    “Nice boot!” 
    Interesting, but you guys also forgot the ever-famous:
    “Blowing chunks”

  5. hyunsil Says:

    i have a good throw up story:  when i was in elementary school, i got sick a lot (don’t know why).  one day i felt really nauseous in class so i asked the teacher if i could go to the nurse.  for some reason, i used the word “woozy” to describe how i was feeling.  back then, woozy meant to me: faintish, weak, icky.  but this teacher never heard of the word woozy.  WOOZY?!  hellooo?! 
    anyhoo, so i make my walk to the nurse but i knew i couldn’t make it.  i saw some friends walking towards me and since i was so embarrased to hurl in front of them, i threw up but i kept the vomitus inside my mouth.  they waved, “hi sarah!”, i tried to smile and waved back.  the second they were out of site, i expelled everything in a nearby trash can. 

  6. dbang Says:

    haha!  i have lots of fun vomiting stories!  one time i remember when i was around 8 yrs old, i was at a birthday party at red robin and i had just finished eating a hamburger… the hamburger was a little bit too big for me, but i wanted to finish it… afer i was done, i started to feel sick so i went to the bathroom… i leaned over the toilet, and the hamburger came back out in one huge chunk!  just PLOP!  it was the cleanest little throw-up ever!  HAHA!

  7. keili Says:

    how about wretching?

  8. argonaut Says:

    Omg. Great, great stories Hyunsil and Dbang! I read them aloud to Melissa and we laughed real hard. I’m trying to think of memorable vomit stories from my childhood, but I can’t seem to dig any up at the moment. Will have to consult my mother on the matter.

  9. argonaut Says:

    About wretching, Melissa said she was gonna say that! It had escaped her during the writing of the blog.

  10. argonaut Says:

    Okay, going back to Hyunsil’s story; seriously, hello?! How could that teacher not know the word woozy? Helloooo!

  11. dbang Says:

    about melissa… i just have to say that although she claims to be hater of xanga, i think she secretly loves it and wants to make her own site too!  it seems to me that she’s living vicariously through you, using you to submit what would be her own blogs!  🙂 
    admit it melissa!  i know you secretly read!

  12. quelynn Says:

    Hmm, over here yonder we have “calling for a scarecrow” as a euphemism for barfing… in tagalog, “scarecrow” translates to “uwak”. and “uwaaaak” is the sound one usually makes when barfing…

  13. hyunsil Says:

    kei: technically, it’s actually spelled retching. it’s gagging without having any vomitus (medical terms: emesis).  retch (n). — to strain to vomit without bringing anything up.  (sorry, i’m a nurse… i can’t help it).  :T
    db: i’ve never heard that happen before.  i can totally imagine a little 8 yo. version of you upchucking a whole hamburger.
    argo: AH KNOW.  woozy?!  helloooo?!
    melissa: i don’t know who you are but jump on the xanga bandwagon.  everyone’s doing it…

  14. argonaut Says:

    db: Girlfriend, you need to publish your vomitus stories! At least on Xanga. Your audience is waiting!Hyunsil: Thanks for shedding some light on this retched manner. 🙂 It helps to have a nurse in the hee-ouse.Melissa would like to say something.Uh hello? Is this thing on? Dear dear Xangaphiles, it is true that I often stand behind Mish as she Xangas and yes, sometimes I may even contribute. However, I do not now, nor ever have had the desire to full on Xanga myself. To Miss Diane: I NEVER secretly read. In fact, Mish has given me the Xanga address more then once and I have never managed to get myself to the site. This is a source of discord here on 30th Av., but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Besides, bandwagons are usually pulled by horses and I wouldn’t want to add any extra weight. Nonetheless, keep having fun as you are a source of entertainment for me! Love you all, Melissa Anne

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