September 15, 2003

One on One Head to Head Mano a Mano

Cheetos Crunchy vs. Cheetos Puffs
Althought the fake cheese powder tastes pretty much the same on both, the difference comes in the texture: Cheetos Crunchy have more grease and crunchiness per square inch–always a winning combo.
Winner: Cheetos Crunch

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates
Gates ditched Haah-vaad in his junior year to start up Microsoft with pal Paul Allen. That’s cool. But he did try to take over the computing world with unfair monopolistic business practices. That’s not cool. Jobs founded Apple, left in 1986 to found NeXT (buying Pixar along the way), then rejoined Apple in 1997 and saved the company from impending doom.
Winner: Steve Jobs

Mac vs. Peecee
One is the world’s fastest personal computer and a well-integrated ensemble of high-quality hardware and intuitive software. The other is a comparatively pokey amalgam of ingredients from oft-questionable suppliers. And no, we’re not biased. Not at all.
Winner: Mac

–Extracted from “Mac Software Slugfest”, MacAddict, October 2003


5 Responses to “”

  1. keili Says:

    i think cheese puffs are better!  light and delicately coated corn meal puffs…yummy!

  2. skahr Says:

    Well, as for Cheetos, Keili is clearly wrong.  That’s not personal opinion, that is fact.  Crunchy Cheetos rock, and puffy Cheetos suck.  Ummmmm, what else…
    Oh yeah, I saw Mich’s mac and I have to agree with the third comment about mac vs. PC. 
    As for the claim in part 2 that Bill Gates does things illegally… I say, jealosy is a curse.  There are always those who whine when someone else wins.  Prime example, Oscar De La Hoya lost the fight on Saturday.  But, of course, he “feels in [his] heart that [he] won.”  Of course he does.  He is calling for a full investigation of the fight.  I say he should stop his whining and take his loss like a man…  He’s still a millionare that is being paid to play a sport.  Come on!  Same goes for Steve Jobs.
    Okay, I’ll drink decaf from now on…

  3. skahr Says:

    Oh!  And I know I misspelled “jealousy” so don’t get on me

  4. argonaut Says:

    Okay, then I won’t rail on you for misspelling millionaire, either! Muhahaha

  5. quelynn Says:

    Personally, I’d go for a typewriter…  
    Well…. no matter how much a Mac can seduce me, I’d never ditch my Mandrake-run PC named Mando! And hmm, yes, I do seem to like stitching up machines from parts sourced from oft-questionable suppliers…

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