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October 31, 2003

Hard to wipe the sleep from my eyes this morning. However, I did manage to make a smooth, balanced cup of joe–with hardly any effort! Let’s see if a dose of Peet’s Colombian will jerk me into a state of awakeness.


October 30, 2003

My day was characterized by a series of wrong turns, but in the end, I did make it to my destinations.

October 30, 2003

Again, this is why I love Powell’s Books.

Excerpt from this week’s newsletter:

Lower case p’s grow up quickly — just twenty days after birth, they’re sprouting up from the line; at two months, they’re off their bellies and standing for hours at a time; by one year, all but a few are fully upright, capital P’s. As they age, however, many suffer chronic lower back pain, what with the way they’re leaning forward all the time. Now, as the decade’s steady increase in chiropractic claims rises unabated, recent studies indicate the trend can be traced directly to the growing popularity of stump-footed, sans-serif fonts.

October 28, 2003

I’m guessing that it’s not a good idea for me to eat a handful of Arctic Bear Iced Lemon Cookies fifteen minutes before I go to bed, but I’m gonna do it anyway. [Chomp, chomp.]

In other news, I’m being devoured alive by mosquitos. It’s probably because of the unusual heat wave in the city right now. They seem to come and go right around 5am every morning. Anyone know of anything I can buy to repel them (besides the typical sprays, citronella candles, etc.)? When I lived in Spain, I had problems with mosquitos and I bought an electrical device that you plug in to the wall. There was a bottle of liquid attached to it and it was emitted slowly throughout the night. Shortly after I started using it, I would find mosquito carcasses on the floor. So really, it worked. I’ve been asking around these parts (the city) to see if I can find something similar, but to no avail. Has anyone seen something like this at Target or Home Depot or anywhere? Help! I need help.

October 26, 2003

One of the warmest days this month. This fall, for that matter. Almost 90 degrees in the city! Incredible. Made for an absolutely gorgeous summer-esque night. Drove home from South of Market midnight-thirty-ish with the moon roof and windows open. Came home to 30th Avenue to see stars in the sky. Actual stars seen in the city!

October 24, 2003

Hmmm, what should I have for lunch today??

October 23, 2003

How Many Grad Students Does It Take To Install An Airport Card?

I installed my Airport card tonight in my iBook with the assistance of my lovely flatmates, Melissa and Alejandra.

Right now, am online at Royal Grounds Cafe in the Fillmore. Some nice flamenco music overhead. The beauty of Wi-Fi! I love wireless internet. (Even more so when it’s free.) It works. It just works.

My laundry is spinning away in the laundromat next door. The washing machines have girls’ names and the dryers have guys’ names so that you remember where you put your laundry. Right now my wet clothes are in Lani. There’s also a machine in the cafe that rents DVDs.

October 23, 2003

Panther is released into the wild today at midnight.

Excerpt from a NY Times review:

“Now, putting in print that Apple has scored another success is always risky business. Such an assertion inevitably invites a shower of e-mail pointing out that Macs are universally more expensive than Windows PC’s (true for desktop machines, false for laptops); that far more software is available for Windows (true; “only” 6,500 programs are available for Mac OS X); and that the Apple hallmarks of elegance, beauty and thoughtful design aren’t worth paying extra for (a matter of opinion).

But to argue these points is to join a religious war with no hope of resolution. Wherever you stand in the Macs vs. Windows debate, this much is certain: In Panther, Apple has taken an already sparkling, super-stable operating system and made it faster, better equipped and more secure.”

Article is here.

October 21, 2003

Only two days until Panther, Apple’s latest and greatest OS, is released into the free world! Woo hoo.

October 20, 2003

I really dread getting up when it’s dark (ie. 7 a.m.). My alarm goes off (well, both of them) and I roll over under my covers and think, Why me? Why me?

I have officially joined the land of the living. Where’s my coffee?