October 6, 2003

Not very successful with the coffee this morning. As I pulled out the carafe from the coffeemaker, a steady stream of coffee that was apparently pent up in the filter chamber leaked out of the hole, forming a sizeable brown puddle on the hot plate below it. Uh, whoops?

Let’s hope attempt #2 presents with a few less complications.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    what have you been up to since the conquer of the comps?

  2. supergnat Says:

    congrats michelle! that’s awesome and gives me some hope for the future as well:)  i think i’ll need a dosage of SF soon..i’m due.  catch up on your much deserved rest!

  3. quelynn Says:

    um. i hope it got wiped up pretty soon. someone left dripped coffee on the hot plate once, and had it on the whole day… smelled like a burning shoe by 4:30pm… ew.

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