October 23, 2003

How Many Grad Students Does It Take To Install An Airport Card?

I installed my Airport card tonight in my iBook with the assistance of my lovely flatmates, Melissa and Alejandra.

Right now, am online at Royal Grounds Cafe in the Fillmore. Some nice flamenco music overhead. The beauty of Wi-Fi! I love wireless internet. (Even more so when it’s free.) It works. It just works.

My laundry is spinning away in the laundromat next door. The washing machines have girls’ names and the dryers have guys’ names so that you remember where you put your laundry. Right now my wet clothes are in Lani. There’s also a machine in the cafe that rents DVDs.


2 Responses to “”

  1. quelynn Says:

    Oh yes. Wifi is wonderful! I love it! Anything that gets ride of wires… Makes me wonder how many waves zing through my brain though…

  2. drewbarria Says:

    Hope u have a nice week-end Michelle!!!!

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