October 24, 2003

Hmmm, what should I have for lunch today??


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  1. drewbarria Says:

    Hi Miss Argonaut,
       I had a subway sandwich (Ham and roast beef on wheat bread) with large Pepsi and fries….  What did you have for lunch today??????

  2. drewbarria Says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by as well…  Yes i have a PC but just a regular one.  Nothing fancy.   Maybe someday….

  3. keili Says:


  4. j79 Says:

    ramen.can’t go wrong with ramen.

  5. drewbarria Says:

    Now I know why they call fires wildfires. There three huge fires here is San Diego, Ca. One northcounty, east and south couth county.  It is really wild because it has burnt an are by thundreds of thousand acres already and still not under control. There are over a thousand homes were also burnt and over ten persons have died…. The sky is so dark here in San Diego and feels like is end of the world almost…. Ashes falling everwhere….. Couldn’t imagine how much longer this will go on….. It started last week-end (Satruday and it is still burning wild….. Please pray that this fire will be controlled soon.

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