October 30, 2003

Again, this is why I love Powell’s Books.

Excerpt from this week’s newsletter:

Lower case p’s grow up quickly — just twenty days after birth, they’re sprouting up from the line; at two months, they’re off their bellies and standing for hours at a time; by one year, all but a few are fully upright, capital P’s. As they age, however, many suffer chronic lower back pain, what with the way they’re leaning forward all the time. Now, as the decade’s steady increase in chiropractic claims rises unabated, recent studies indicate the trend can be traced directly to the growing popularity of stump-footed, sans-serif fonts.


2 Responses to “”

  1. drewbarria Says:

    I am lost Michelle.  Who lower cap p’s and cap Ps’?  I guess I am so naive about a lot of things….  So please educate me!!!!!

  2. blackacre Says:

    hehehe, that’s really cute and creative. props man.

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