November 8, 2003

Just flew from Oakland to Ontario. Just made the flight, and I mean just. I can’t believe Elliott thought that he was supposed to pick me up at 7:30. My flight left at 9:00 and we barely made it. Long story.

So weird to be back in Walnut. I can’t deal with going back and forth anymore. I just can’t deal. It’s either one place or the other, is how my thoughts seem to go these days. I think back to the summer, how settled I began to feel after being back for at least a month. How I dreaded going back to San Francisco. And now the tables are turned. How I dread coming back to Walnut. *Sigh*

On the way home, driving through the bland, lifeless streets of the suburbs, images of vibrant urban life in Ess Eff ran through my head. Could I really move back to this? [Ref. to San Gabriel Valley.]

My dad shows me his walking stick propped up by the front door as we walk in. He takes walks in the morning now, he says. He makes it sound like it’s an established habit. So far, he’s done it for only 5 days. Hehehe Hope it does good for his soul.

Walking through the familiar layout of my house. Carpet under my feet.

Wow, am really tired. The mirror reveals a hagard, exhausted-looking version of me. Going to sleep on all this. Am out.


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