November 11, 2003

I so cannot sleep.


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  1. j79 Says:

    hey michelle – nope. i just installed right over that i’ve had it, and read reviews, the only thing that comes to mind that you may want to becareful of:synergy – causes “A” to appear in uppercase onlyCopyPasteX causes “C” to not work, or slow responseExternal FireWire drive issuesother than that, panther runs great for the most part. (filevault is a bit flakey) – you should see a nice performance boost on your G3 iBook though..OH, after you upgrade, run cache out x, and fix your permissions. after i upgraded, i had 4 kernel panics in the same day. scared me a bit.i read “fix 90% of your problems” on apples support site. said to do that.haven’t panicked since. very nice. – to download cache out.

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