December 2, 2003

Cream cheese and Triscuits. How about that for a snack right before bed.

I dug up a quote that danaY posted on someone’s Xanga site quite a while ago. It’s good writing on the part of Bronte (Emily?) and worth revisiting:

“I do assure you, Sir, that I have no pretension whatever to that kind of elegance which consists in tormenting a respectable man. I would rather be paid the compliment of being believed sincere. I thank you again and again for the honour you have done me in your proposals, but to accept them is absolutely impossible. My feelings in every respect forbid it. Can I speak plainer? Do not consider me now as an elegant female intending to plague you, but as a rational creature speaking the truth from her heart.”–Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice

There you have it, ladies and gents; a proper, forthright and concise turn-down. You have to admire Elizabeth’s boldness and her honesty.

In other news, I had a grueling grueling drive from LA to SF yesterday. During the course of my trip, I had to slow down and inch by at two mph on the 5 freeway for no fewer than six accidents. Plus there was some sort of five-car pile-up on the Grapevine. Yikes. Highlight of the trip? The stop in Little Tokyo for some mochi ice cream. I tried red bean for the first time. It was divine. Serious about this. Go out and get some. Right now.


3 Responses to “”

  1. keili Says:

    hate to correct you…but Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen. I loved this part of the book when I first read it.  Thanks for the reminder.

  2. skahr Says:

    The definition of concise is “Expressing much in few words.”  Was Elizabeth’s turn-down concise?  I think not.  90+ words to say “Get lost.”  Not concise.
    Concerning your drive from LA to SF.  Well, at least you didn’t get a speeding ticket!  DOH!

  3. argonaut Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up, keili. You can tell that it’s been a long time since I’ve read Austen (maybe too long!). skahr: I beg to differ on your first comment. Actually, I don’t beg…I just differ.

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