December 3, 2003

One day I will actually set foot in the bookstore so amazingly and inconceivably packed with books called Powell’s in Portland. For now, I’m content to read their newsletter which arrives in my inbox not fornightly, but weekly.


(This parenthetical statement is a test of the Emergency Digress System. The editors of this newsletter, in voluntary cooperation with federal, state, and local authorities, have developed this system to keep you informed of diversionary content. If this had been an actual digression, the words you are now reading would depart from our established theme of discourse.)


3 Responses to “”

  1. dingus5 Says:

    Did you know the Unibomber wrote his manifesto at Powell’s? It was probably a better place to do research than the library.

  2. MIsteak Says:

    Bookstores are awesome (particularly the ones that are full’o’books- and next to coffee shops)

  3. danielplanet Says:

    I’ve gotten lost in that store (in every way!).

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