December 6, 2003

The smell of the ocean is pervasive in my neighborhood tonight. You walk out onto my street and what I can only describe as a salty fog envelops you, rushes up your nose. It’s as if you’re on the beach, which is not too far-fetched of an idea since we live only a mile or so from the Pacific Ocean.

By the way, it’s still fall here in the city. The leaves are a-changin’. Love it love it love it

I’ve had a semi-insomiac week, with nothing to attribute the sleeplessness to. Anywho, me and my sleep-deprived self are going to bed and not waking up until This American Life at noon. I’m out.


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  1. lucky you…living close to the ocean. Leaves here one day turn dark brown and fall off the trees…but you know this.

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