December 23, 2003

Took a trip to downtown LA earlier today to drop off film at my lab. Later, I cut through Little Tokyo and poked my head into one of the shops and was browsing around a bit, standing at the register actually, admiring all the Totoro paraphenalia, when I ran into a good friend of mine! So random. After laughing over the randomness of our meeting, we conspired to find some mochi ice cream. We ended up buying a box of red bean mochi ice cream at a little market a few doors away. We sat for awhile in front of a bakery, partaking of our mochi and some good conversation. However, the task of polishing off six whole pieces of mochi became too much responsibility, so we gave our last two pieces to a girl who was selling roasted chestnuts just outside the market. I hope she enjoyed them.


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  1. drewbarria Says:

    I am glad you sure have a fun time in LA…  How long did you stay there in LA?  Wish I could visit LA too someday…..  Take care….

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