December 26, 2003

Somehow I averted a disaster in the kitchen today, the kind which seem to have characterized the holidays of late, i.e., the 12-24 excavation of last Christmas and more recently, the plastic fiasco at Thanksgiving last month.

Recap of the day. Was a fairly gray Christmas. The rain came down all day. Woke up fairly late–at the cusp of noon. Spent the morning and afternoon my house in Walnut, so come 5pm, my nerves were pretty frazzled. After a late–and I mean late–lunch of singang, I took off for the refuge of Aunt Julie’s in LA. What a relief. I had a great time with Adam, of course. Lying on our backs on the living room floor, we watched the documentaries on the Two Towers DVD and competed to see who could keep their legs in the air the longest. Aunt Jules, of course, was faithful to her calling in the kitchen. She cooked up a batch of lumpia shanghai and later, upon Adam’s request, baked chocolate chip cookies (of which I had 4 or 5). It turned out later that she had rented Mostly Martha. While we watched it, she kept commenting on all the details, how beautifully everything was shot, how close the aesthetic of the film was to my own.

It’s 1am now as I write. Am sitting on the couch in my aunt’s living room. All is quiet save for the humming of the fridge in the kitchen, the ticking of the clocks and the slow, steady hiss of the gas-burning fireplace adjacent to the couch. Haven’t really read any of Vivir Para Contarla like I had planned, but I did get to gather my thoughts a bit. Am thankful for that.

Other thoughts that have been running through my head this week? I can’t believe I have just one semester left in SF. Come May, some decisions will really have to be made. God, for your guidance.


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