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January 31, 2004

Clink, clink, clink. The sound of fifty thousand quarters being deposited into washing machines. ‘Tis Laundry Day. I forgot my reindeer pajamas at home, durn it. They needed a good washing. Melissa has set a new record today–she needed five washers to fit all of her clothes! We had to park a block and a half away…she was a sight to see lugging her Santa-sized sack of dirty laundry down the incline of California Street to Fillmore, where the Wash ‘N Royal is.


January 31, 2004

Being sick for the umpteenth time this school year, you know what I’ve noticed? Snot comes out of my left nostril (for the most part) and not my right. What happens when the snot comes to the fork in the road? Does it just decide to go left all the time? One wonders about these things.

January 30, 2004

Anyone want to get me an early birthday present? Introducing Canon’s new EOS-1D Mark II with an 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor (with an improved DIGIC II imaging engine) and the ability to capture 8.5 frames per second up to forty frames (or up to 20 RAW images). Only $4,499.

January 28, 2004

I just witnessed the demise of my morning cup of coffee. No kidding. I chose the wrong glass to pour my coffee into (what Melissa calls the moo glass), the bottom gave way and the next thing I knew, I was staring at an immense pond of brown liquid on the kitchen counter. Then, to my horror, brown waterfalls cascading over our white cabinets. Amazing how fast liquid spreads on a flat surface.

Let’s try this again.

January 27, 2004

A bit of detail from today: dried-up sand and scuff marks on my black boots from traipsing through SFSU campus.

Had to attend my semesterly orientation meeting at my department this morning. Was more of a rite of passage than any new information garnered. Had to stay for an internship meeting as well. Chatted with classmates and got caught in the rain in between. My last stop was at the Graduate Studies office on the second floor of the Administration Building. I stepped up to the counter and heard myself saying, “I need to file for graduation this semester.” Can you believe I’m graduating?! I so cannot believe that I am graduating in May!

January 24, 2004

I had gelato twice today. Twice! First time: at the bustling Farmer’s Market on Market and Embarcadero; had some lovely riso (rice pudding). It wasn’t overly sweet and had hints of cinammon in it. Later in Japantown, after slurping up a bowl of udon for dinner, I savored a cup of exquisite red bean and lychee gelato. I will say this once and again: Ess Eff is about nothing if not food. Good food.

Streaming through the speakers: Ten Silver Slide Trombones, solo project by Don Peris, guitarist from The Innocence Mission. A lot of geographical references in his songs, I’ve noticed. Fitting music for a road trip, especially driving at dusk with an infinite stretch of highway ahead of you.

January 22, 2004

Sometimes I can’t accept the fact that I have a problem today that can’t be solved until tomorrow. Especially computer problems.

January 22, 2004

Just came back from Green Apple Books and Music, whose wonderfully old wooden floors I wandered, listening to music and looking for a certain Thomas Merton book. Also came across a nicely worn version of Laurie Colwin’s The Lone Pilgrim–I’ve been meaning to snag a copy of this short story collection ever since I heard Hope Davis read one of the stories on NPR’s Selected Shorts in the spring. Amongst the muzak I got lost in was Ghosts of the Great Highway by Sun Kil Moon (fronted by Red House Painters’ Mark Kozelek). But drat, they had no more copies left.

Also read this staff review on Iron and Wine that made me smile:

“Iron and Wine swathes you in nostalgia and Sunday’s consolation. Sam Beam’s vocals are delicately animated; careful. His sound reminds me of quilts and winter and intimate breath as if throughout the album something handmade is unraveling and somehow becoming more precious undone. Kind people love Iron & Wine and if you don’t you’re mean and brittle. Nick Drake fans check it out.”

You can’t get heartfelt reviews like this at Borders!

January 21, 2004

For the most part, I felt like I had my head screwed on right today except for one moment in the afternoon when I completey spaced out. I was sitting at the intersection where Brannan, 10th, Division and Potrero all converge in South of Market and the light turned green. Thing was, I was sitting there for at least 5 seconds before I even realized that the light had turned green. Amazingly enough, I hadn’t even heard all the protesting honks behind me. There I was, completely oblivious! Totally spaced. Uh hello, Michelle?!

Also, can I just say that the new Marnee Thai on 9th and Irving cannot make a green curry worth beans! I am truly, truly disappointed.

January 21, 2004

Has anyone had trouble running iTunes on a PC (Windows XP platform)? My flatmate Melissa is not a happy camper. She hasn’t been able to open iTunes all day today on her laptop. Every time she clicks on the iTunes icon, nothing happens. No opening up of the application, nothing. Nothing. I checked her Program Files directory and iTunes is still stored on her hard drive. Anyone have a clue?

In other news, I so love the Shins. They are brilliant. I am enjoying the new album, in every sense of the word.

The name Ashkenaz. Love the way it rolls off the tongue.