January 3, 2004

Spent a day with my ol’ dad; unplanned, actually. It turned out that there was just all this stuff and taskage that we had to do together. Aside: I must have put at least 1,200 miles on my car during this two-week winter break, driving all over God’s green earth (well, at least the LA and OC area). But I digress. Anyway, we did do quite a bit of driving today. I had forgotten, up until today, what it’s like to drive with one of my parents in the car. Parents are such excellent backseat drivers. They’re just so talented that way. At least, my dad is. While I was at the wheel today, not five minutes passed by without him yelling (or strongly advising) me to pay attention to the road, or to let this or that car pass me up or what have you. The whole experience made me feel like I was 16 again, with no inkling of how to maneuver a vehicle.

A sampling of the insights he offered throughout the day:

While driving down Valley Boulevard: You know Chinese people, no prejudice against them, but they have funny names for their companies. Later, whilst stuck in 10 freeway traffic: You know how to pick out Asian women drivers? You don’t see their heads, you just see headrests. Great, Dad. Thanks for the heads-up.

Of course, we listened to my music in the car the whole day. Turns out, that my dad, he digs Neil Halstead! Very cool.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Seems odd to me that you just drove around LA and OC (Orange County?). These places don’t really exist in my head… they are just imaginary constructs of television. And yet people live there… so strange.

  2. j79 Says:

    hahaha!you’re absolutely right! parents are the greatest backseat drivers. my mom has this thing about throwing her arms up, as if i’m about to crash into a building at 50 mphs.i just look at her like, “mom, if anything is going to cause me to get into an accident, it’s that..”

  3. drewbarria Says:

    Your Dad digs Neil Halstead?  Cool!!!!

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