January 13, 2004

Life is complicated all of the sudden. There are days when this just happens! Today is one of those days.


3 Responses to “”

  1. gshok Says:

    me too. after days of taking things easy, i’m suddenly swamped with work   it hit hard and all at once.stuff to do, things to mail, homework to finish, resumes to update, portfolio to START, personal projects that i’ll never begin, presonal reading assignments i’ve yet to read, and a hell of a lot of running around.RAR!
    dunno if it’s the same kind of complication you’re undergoing but i feel ya nonetheless

  2. argonaut Says:

    Yeah, same kind of complication, actually. It hit hard and all at once, exactly! Thanks for stopping by, gshok.

  3. danielplanet Says:

    Whoa.  Suddenly, life became a bit crazy at my end too.
    I thought I had life all under control… a real smooth operator… and then BAM! the rains came down.

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