January 14, 2004


It’s 61 degrees in my house! The heater is out of commission, it seems. For now, it’s still colder outside than it is inside, but it won’t be that way for long…

My sole source of heat is sitting on my desk right now: a deep, cavernous mug of lime tea. Numi Dry Desert Lime Tea, to be exact; a nice little discovery I made today at a store on Clement Street–pronounced kluh ment (stress on the last syllable). Why did I journey to Clement Street in the first place? I went to Green Apple Books and Music and thumbed through their stellar used CD collection (clack, clack clack) looking for a copy of eastmountainsouth. No such luck, however; or shall I say, no such providence.

Went out for some music and came back with tea.


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