January 17, 2004

This afternoon I went wandering through the Haight. Stopped into Mendel’s Fabrics and found myself standing on the same linoleum that covered the kitchen of my childhood home. What a trip. For a few good seconds, I looked down at the burnt orange, ochre and brick red squares and rectangles under my feet and a sluice of memories cut loose. I have to say that the linoleum at Mendel’s is way more worn than ours ever was; probably sanded down by the thousands of patrons who have crossed the threshold of this venerable Haight institution. The floor in our kitchen had a more dimpled texture, almost like lemon skin.

Later, tripped a few blocks down to Amoeba. Could have stayed there for a lot longer but the parking meter was ticking so I limited my meandering through the looooong aisles of music. Dodged people everywhere. There was a sale going on, I think. Found eastmountainsouth, an acoustic album by everything but the girl (hailing from 1992–I was a sophomore in high school when this came out!) and lastly but not leastly, the Shins’ new release, Chutes Too Narrow.

At the cafe next door, I bought a glass of lavender lemonade. I’ve ne’er tried something so…well, lavender-y.


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  1. dingus5 Says:

    I wish somebody would reproduce some of the surreal linoleum patterns from the ’40s and ’50s.

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