January 21, 2004

Has anyone had trouble running iTunes on a PC (Windows XP platform)? My flatmate Melissa is not a happy camper. She hasn’t been able to open iTunes all day today on her laptop. Every time she clicks on the iTunes icon, nothing happens. No opening up of the application, nothing. Nothing. I checked her Program Files directory and iTunes is still stored on her hard drive. Anyone have a clue?

In other news, I so love the Shins. They are brilliant. I am enjoying the new album, in every sense of the word.

The name Ashkenaz. Love the way it rolls off the tongue.


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  1. j79 Says:

    does she have an ipod?if she doesn’t, then you can disable “iPod management services” (not exactly that name, but it’s something like that) – the ipod servicing thing takes FOREVER to start up, and IF it does start up, causes itunes to run SLOW as ever.tell your friend to right click on “My Computer”, and choose Manage. Then under services, disable the iPod management thing.iTunes should run.(BTW, my roommate had the SAME exact problem as your flatmate. – hopefully it’ll work for her)

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