January 27, 2004

A bit of detail from today: dried-up sand and scuff marks on my black boots from traipsing through SFSU campus.

Had to attend my semesterly orientation meeting at my department this morning. Was more of a rite of passage than any new information garnered. Had to stay for an internship meeting as well. Chatted with classmates and got caught in the rain in between. My last stop was at the Graduate Studies office on the second floor of the Administration Building. I stepped up to the counter and heard myself saying, “I need to file for graduation this semester.” Can you believe I’m graduating?! I so cannot believe that I am graduating in May!


5 Responses to “”

  1. keili Says:

    congrats.  you will be master argonaut. 

  2. Anonymous Says:

    YAY!!!  I can’t believe one of us is FINALLY out of school and is gonna get a FULL-TIME job with their degree.

  3. argonaut Says:

    Yeah, and I won’t have to call up random people anymore and ask them to donate to My Graduate School Fund, either. ha. haha.

  4. skahr Says:

    Just for the record, I can’t believe you’re graduating!

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