February 3, 2004

Not how I expected to start my week: my car got broken into for the second time in two months. What is the world coming to? Or should I say, to what is the world coming? Wow, that sounds weird. So much for not ending a sentence with a preposition.

Anyway, upon hearing about my misfortune, my dad offered to fly up here to help me look for an alarm system. [Smile.]


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  1. drewbarria Says:

    Poor Angel…  I know hope you fell….  That’s bad di ba!  Your car got broken into twice?  Did they take anything valuable?  Radio or anything?  Yeah, maybe you really need an alarm.  Hope they do not take your car away.  My car got stolen once and I never saw it again.  it happened while I was gone for two weeks.  Called home my dad told me my car got stolen.  Luckily the insurance paid for it but I love that car.  I have to buy another one but more expensive since the insurance company only paid the blue book value of it….  No alamrs kasi.  But my next car came with an alarm so I feel safe now…  On top of it, I also put “Club” steering wheel lock even it already has an alarm.

  2. Clarephile Says:

    aww, i’m so sorry hun… some people are just inately stupid. 😦
    get that alarm system!

  3. not again! sorry to hear it. they didn’t steal the my mixes did they?

  4. argonaut Says:

    They left my radio (??) but took all my CDs (which were burned copies of all the original CDs that were stolen in December). Oh, and they helped themselves to a few of my Ricola cough drops and left behind the wrappers. Thankfully, most of my music is backed up on my hard drive. But I ask you, what is some punk kid going to do with Neil Halstead and Postal Service CDs? So, Joe, still have your mixes, thankfully. 🙂

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