February 24, 2004

How Many Grad Students Does It Take To Install An Airport Card, Part II

Surprise of the day: Melissa bought a G4 iBook! Twelve cute inches of Appleness. This brings the count of Apple computers in this household to 4! We’re a regular Apple family.

Right now Melissa and I are IMing each other on iChat–I’m in my bedroom and she’s in the kitchen. Now we’re chatting over our mikes. Uh hello?


2 Responses to “”

  1. j79 Says:

    that’s awesome!!!!so far, i’m the only mac person in the family.but soon enough. soon enough. ^_^

  2. supergnat Says:

    Hi M–thanks for the suggestion.  I’ll have to try that next time we have our session.  otherwise, I’ll have to resort to my handcuff idea:P as for your previous entry about Oregon. have you visited before?  I totally agree though. they have some of the most beautiful scenic–everything!! have you heard of canon beach?  absolutely ravishing. 
    by the way, I go to the Jackson Hearing Center for my Aural Rehab. practicum.  They have an auditory/oral program for their preschoolers…and very well-staffed.  I always feel so lucky when I get knowledgeable supervisors, you know what I mean?  hope everything’s going well for you school-wise.  ARe you going to Julie Kim’s wedding in LA?  You’re not doing a thesis, right?  take care!

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