March 6, 2004

Back home for a small stint in SoCal.  For a  friend’s wedding to be exact, and maybe a bonfire at the beach or two.  A knitting soiree in between.  Supposed to be 80 degrees this weekend.  Omg.  Narrowly finished all the report-age due for my internship this week. By God’s grace, really.  Considering how in want of sleep my body is, I can’t believe I’m still pounding out coherent sentences at this midnight-ish hour.

So, spent a little while chatting it up with my dad in the car tonight on the way home from the airport and later, sat around with my mum half-finishing these reports and half-catching up on the latest.  Introduced her to The Innocence Mission and Iron and Wine.  She liked ’em.  Finally, good music my mom and I agree on.

Oh, anyone see the moon tonight?  Enchanting.


3 Responses to “”

  1. hyunsil Says:

    “some enchanted evening…”

  2. I’ve lived in Florida almost all my life and I don’t think I have ever had a bonfire on the beach. I will have to remedy that. It sounds delightful.

  3. drewbarria Says:

       Oh, attended a wedding ha!!!  I pretty sure have fun here…                                                          Yeap!!!  The moon looks real pretty last night isn’t it?  I thought I’ m the only one that notice it.  It amazes me every time I see it!!!
    I kinda glad for the warmth of the week-end.  I guess summer is real coming soon!!!!  I love it!!!

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