March 9, 2004

I’ll miss days like these: a heat spell in the city, our attic office at Buen Dia warming up like the oven that it is (no insulation will do that to you–on shivery winter days the third floor of Buen Dia turns into a meat locker), having to open up the windows to the cacophony of sounds of the Mission, close to nine hours of work passing by like nothing, like a vapor; closing the door behind me, jaywalking across the street and getting into my car just as the sun is setting, remembering all of the sudden that I need to go to Rainbow Grocery to stock up on the ol’ Ezekiel Bread and white balsamic vinegar (which I surprisingly ended up not finding). Days like these I’ll miss.


3 Responses to “”

  1. drewbarria Says:

    You are right!!!  Finally I feel the warmth of summer…  Don’t have to wear my winter clothing for a while…  I am loving it too much!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds divine. Meanwhile, here we are having a bit of a cold spell. It’s in the low 40’s! And… hooray for white balsamic!

  3. argonaut Says:

    Wow, that’s really cold (from a Californian’s perspective). Yeah, we’ve had a sublime past few days. Yay for white balsamic…when you can find it (I couldn’t yesterday). Will have to pay a visit to the Farmer’s Market (any excuse to get over there)!

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