March 16, 2004

One day I should like to learn how to cut an onion properly.  Today is not the day.

So, I found a stack of old Chez Panisse menus from last December downstairs at Buen Dia.  The kids are using them for art.  One of the items listed on their prix fixe menu is: Eastern spotted skate wing with cabbage and salsa verde.

What in the world is skate wing??


5 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you know, skate… it’s a sea animal.

  2. It’s a member of the ray family. Like a stingray. Very popular in italy.
    When I was out there I myself enjoyed a meal at the Alice Waters institution. Mmmm. The service was spectacular and the food was not too shabby either.
    You should learn to cut an onion. It makes life better.

  3. keili Says:

    skate…is like fish.

  4. hyunsil Says:

    it’s the wing on skates like in greek times.  (icharus used to ice skate…)

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