March 21, 2004

Stats on my drive from SF to LA today:

Number of Oregon plates seen: 25
Subaru Outbacks with Oregon plates: 5
Cows seen: gazillions
Apple stickers on windows: 1
CDs listened to: the Shins x2, Halstead, Peris & Peris, Sam Beam
Dead bugs plastered on my windshield and grill: legions
Number of coconut meringues eaten: way more than one should consume in one sitting

Came home and guess what was waiting for me: 2 lenses for my Canny A-1 that I won on eBay. One is a 28mm and the other is a semi-fish eye converter. Besides the fact that these lenses are rare and are not being manufactured anymore, they were a stellar deal. I already scratched the fish (way to go Mish) but other-wise I am sooo stoked about these lenses. I’m beside myself actually. Can’t wait to shoot some film tomorrow.


3 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    take pictures of me! take pictures of me!
    -vain spice

  2. I LOVE the A-1. I used to have one ages ago and I miss it greatly.

  3. argonaut Says:

    Yeah, it’s a nice little piece of machinery. Canon all the way! They really don’t make cameras like they used to. The lenses I have for my Canon EOS-3 are substandard compared to the craftsmanship of yore.I agree, I LOVE the A-1. It was my first SLR ever. My first love. You should get another one!

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