April 1, 2004

Last night I dreamt that I was living in Oregon in this big, fantastic house in the woods. It was a two-story wooden house, with an unruly English garden in the front and and a winding path that started at the front door, cutting through the garden to the sidewalk. Someone had sent me a manila envelope full of berries in the mail and I ate them while I was on the bus en route to Diedrich’s (which had strangely moved to Oregon).


6 Responses to “”

  1. danaY Says:

    uh……………………………………’soundsa littlefantastical& romantical.

  2. danaY Says:

    I did it. i bit the bullet. ibought a one way ticketto Oregon. call me so we can go together!

  3. argonaut Says:

    Omg. Are you serious!

  4. dingus5 Says:

    Oregon’s a wonderful place!
    The berries were an interesting symbol.

  5. argonaut Says:

    Alright Dana, you threw me for a loop ther. Happy April Fool’s Day back atcha!

  6. Clarephile Says:

    hmm… oregon, huh? i’m always in the middle of the desert or in the tundra or somewhere when i dream… i want normal dreams now… in oregon. 😉

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