May 5, 2004

Was trying to sleep as of a minute ago. Didn’t feel like it was going to happen any time soon, so I got out of bed. Must be windy outside because all of the windchimes in the neighborhood are clinging and clanging together in what sounds like an improvisational freeform sort of orchestra. Those windchimes.

So, not being able to sleep. My anxiety levels must be on the rise because this isn’t the first night this has happened. I’ve been consistently exhausted before going to bed in the last few nights, but just haven’t been able to slip into the REM state. So much to do before graduation in a few weeks and I’m just trying to get it all in there. It’s hard. I’m tired.

Back to bed I go.


2 Responses to “”

  1. drewbarria Says:

    Ohhh, I feel what you feel coz I sometimes can’t sleep. Hope you can sleep beter soon…

  2. hyunsil Says:

    definitely know the feeling, argo.  i’m there with you.
    the weezer album is a deluxe edition.  the first cd is the blue album (remastered).  and the second cd is live, acoustic stuff, and never released songs.  so i’m loving it.  🙂  i recommend it.

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