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July 26, 2004

Profound thought of the day:

You know you’ve found someone special when you can think of no one else with whom you’d like to get stuck in freeway traffic (fleeting or afternoon-long).


July 21, 2004

Smells like summer in the city (finally).

July 20, 2004

Without this divine knowledge how could we help feeling either exalted or dejected? The Christian religion alone has been able to cure these twin vices, not by using the one to expel the other according to worldly wisdom, by by expelling both through the simplicity of the Gospel. For it teaches the righteous that they still bear the source of all corruption which exposes them throughout their lives to error, misery, death, and sin; and [yet] it cries out to the most ungodly that they are capable of the grace of their Redeemer. Thus making those whom it justifies tremble–yet consoling those whom it condems, it so nicely tempers fear with hope. This dual message–of grace and sin–causes infinitely more exaltation than natural pride–yet without puffing us up. Who then can refuse belief in such heavenly enlightenment? What does the gospel proclaim but the trust in a voice too powerful to be gainsaid? –Blaise Pascal, from Pensees (208)

July 15, 2004

On my desk right now is literally a sea of post-it notes. Time to consolidate. 🙂

July 11, 2004

Yikes! I was so rapt in thought about something that I forgot about the boiling water on the stove! [Slighty chagrined smile.]

July 11, 2004

“Grant, O Lord, by thy mercy, that we may attain unto eternal life; and when we behold Thy glory as it is, let us adore thy majesty and say: glory be to God the Father, who has created us; glory be to the Son, who has redeemed us; glory be to the Holy Spirit, who has sanctified us. Amen.” –Augustine

July 11, 2004

Ever have one of those days that passes by in the blink of an eye? I will never get over how swiftly today began and finished. Someone came up to visit me and while walking up and down the (thankfully) sunny streets of downtown Ess Eff, we spent a good deal of time in thoughtful conversation, raillery and amicable silence.

Just a few highlights. While searching for a post office, we serendipitously came upon an intriguing fountain on the first floor of a skyscraper (literally, the water came down from the ceiling like rain from the sky). We paused for a moment, startled and amazed. (Side note: we eventually found the post office.) Later, we paid homage to the Apple Store, where we hijacked a few kid iMacs and contrived a plan to take over the world. Ravenous due to our conspiracy-plotting, we hastened over to Tu Lan, a wood-paneled Vietnamese dive in a seedy sect of South of Market. No joke, I had the best meal that I’ve had in a month (Shin Sen Gumi’s Ramen excluded).

Notwithstanding the fun things we did today, really I have to admit, it was the good company that made the day great.

As I type, I am finishing up a makeshift (and slightly late) dinner of baby carrots and carrot cake–an odd but somehow fitting pair–can you guess that I shopped at Trader Joe’s for dinner tonight? 😉

July 10, 2004

Tonight, I ran a necessary errand in San Rafael and then crossed the Golden Gate Bridge back into the city to hunt for something decent to eat.

The idea of ramen struck me and I headed to the Sunset and circled the neighborhood a good 8 or 9 times before I providentially found a space to park. I sprinted over to Hotei (I was famished at this point), a dimly-lit and warmly inviting Japanese joint known for its noodles. I sat down, ordered and wrapped my hands around a warm cup of green tea, thankful for some time to ruminate. Later, a cavernous bowl of ramen came and my night continued lost in thoughts and brothy steam.

As great as it was to have a hot bowl of soup and ramen at Hotei, I have to say that Hotei’s noodles do not hold a Roman candle to the staggeringly good ramen found at Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley. I fear that I will have to wait too long before I am able to partake of Shin Sen Gumi’s perfection again.

July 9, 2004

Sleep has eluded me in the last few days with the exception of last night. Am grateful for a good night’s sleep.

July 7, 2004

FYI, I am home sick. I am on the mend, tho. I’ll be up and at ’em again tomorrow.

Outside, a minor miracle is occurring: blue sky.