July 1, 2004

What once was lost, now is found. 🙂


6 Responses to “”

  1. argonaut Says:

    Looks like you’ve succumbed to the realm of the blog. heheIt was just that I had chalked it up to lost and wasn’t expecting to ever see it again (gone forever!), so imagine my elated surprise when it surfaced last night. Next to someone’s shoe. 😉

  2. danaY Says:

    i hope this is the case with my funkyseafoam scarf. i haven’t seen it formonths! please keep me in your prayers, today, sweet friend. i seem to need them very much these days.

  3. argonaut Says:

    I hope thou wilst find your scarfy.I wilst pray for you; however, wilst thou email me specifics anon?

  4. danaY Says:

    hey, only one eprop from Augustine. what’s that all about?

  5. argonaut Says:

    The thing about Augustine, is that he’s a very judicious cat. 😉

  6. argonaut Says:

    I never knew a cat could have issues like this. 😛

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