July 11, 2004

“Grant, O Lord, by thy mercy, that we may attain unto eternal life; and when we behold Thy glory as it is, let us adore thy majesty and say: glory be to God the Father, who has created us; glory be to the Son, who has redeemed us; glory be to the Holy Spirit, who has sanctified us. Amen.” –Augustine


2 Responses to “”

  1. “I longed for the happy life, but was afraid of the place where it has its seat, and fled from it at the same time as I was seeking for it. I thought I would become very miserable if I were deprived of the embraces of a woman. I did not think the medicine of your mercy could heal that infirmity because I had not tried it.” Augustine, Confessions Book VI, 6, 20

  2. concerning the 2nd Augustine quote, the real point is not so much about his libido, but about how Christians struggle to want to commit to God fully, but at the same time afraid of where he will take us in life. Is it possible that God could heal the deepest fears we have in fully committing ourselves to him? Perhaps the safest place in the world is risking everything for God.

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