July 11, 2004

Ever have one of those days that passes by in the blink of an eye? I will never get over how swiftly today began and finished. Someone came up to visit me and while walking up and down the (thankfully) sunny streets of downtown Ess Eff, we spent a good deal of time in thoughtful conversation, raillery and amicable silence.

Just a few highlights. While searching for a post office, we serendipitously came upon an intriguing fountain on the first floor of a skyscraper (literally, the water came down from the ceiling like rain from the sky). We paused for a moment, startled and amazed. (Side note: we eventually found the post office.) Later, we paid homage to the Apple Store, where we hijacked a few kid iMacs and contrived a plan to take over the world. Ravenous due to our conspiracy-plotting, we hastened over to Tu Lan, a wood-paneled Vietnamese dive in a seedy sect of South of Market. No joke, I had the best meal that I’ve had in a month (Shin Sen Gumi’s Ramen excluded).

Notwithstanding the fun things we did today, really I have to admit, it was the good company that made the day great.

As I type, I am finishing up a makeshift (and slightly late) dinner of baby carrots and carrot cake–an odd but somehow fitting pair–can you guess that I shopped at Trader Joe’s for dinner tonight? 😉


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  1. Raillery. Fabulous word. I must use it.
    Singing the praises of noodles, you make me long for a bowlful myself. Soon I must make the journey to ColoniMi, our Vietnamese district. Get me some pho dac biet at Rice Paper.
    I got an Ipod. Hooray me.

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