July 20, 2004

Without this divine knowledge how could we help feeling either exalted or dejected? The Christian religion alone has been able to cure these twin vices, not by using the one to expel the other according to worldly wisdom, by by expelling both through the simplicity of the Gospel. For it teaches the righteous that they still bear the source of all corruption which exposes them throughout their lives to error, misery, death, and sin; and [yet] it cries out to the most ungodly that they are capable of the grace of their Redeemer. Thus making those whom it justifies tremble–yet consoling those whom it condems, it so nicely tempers fear with hope. This dual message–of grace and sin–causes infinitely more exaltation than natural pride–yet without puffing us up. Who then can refuse belief in such heavenly enlightenment? What does the gospel proclaim but the trust in a voice too powerful to be gainsaid? –Blaise Pascal, from Pensees (208)


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