October 14, 2004

Hard drive wiped clean. *groan* Back to square one.


7 Responses to “”

  1. keili Says:

    yiggity yo.  where did you go?

  2. naperuale Says:

    Hey! welcome back!!! 🙂 I missed you sooooo much 😦 Sorry about the hard drive…

  3. keili Says:

    i bought an ipod!  thought you should know since i associate apple with you.

  4. keili Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy belated birthday! Why don’t you post anymore?

  6. danaY Says:

    I had an imaginary pony named “Busy” when I was a toddler.
    I, now, have an imaginary friend I used to call “Mish”; I , now, call her “Busy”. (heh-heh)

  7. argonaut Says:

    Joe: Hey prof. Sorry I haven’t written much; have been swamped in an incredible amount of paperwork and reports ever since I started my new job in August. Things will let up soon, tho, because winter break is on the horizon. (yay!) Hopefully I’ll get a post or two in! Have you made it over to Our Daily Bread and the Natural Cafe? Hope all is well in SB.Banana: Heh. Heh. Your comment made me laugh in a major way.

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