January 31, 2005

Just went running and my legs feel like jello. No wait, custard.

On with the photographs. Still in Montezuma.

Our hotel is in the upper right quadrant of this photograph. Note the decrepit but lovely bridge that led to our hotel:

The view on the other side of the bridge: an estuary that spilled into the ocean, where sweet and salty waters dared to intermingle:

Close-up of the estuary:


4 Responses to “”

  1. naperuale Says:

    wow, wow, and wow!!! I usually give you 2 eprops, but this entry deserves many more!!! Your pictures are great as usual. Thanks for sharing them! I didn’t know there’s no color in Costa Rica, but it is well worth it 🙂 How did you find this hotel?

  2. argonaut Says:

    Tanks Ale! [blushing] I am in the middle of writing a long and arduous speech and language eval, but your comments provide a most welcome break! Am very very glad that you like them. Funny about the no color thing, huh. jeje My friends and I found the hotel in a Let’s Go Book; it’s called La Cascada. However! And that’s a big however. The hotel we should have stayed at was across the street–Hotel Amor de Mar. The hammock photograph from a few days ago was from there. It was a beautiful place with green green grass, its own tidepool, great staff and awesome crepes. And it wasn’t that much more expensive. We would’ve stayed there but it was booked. 😦 It was where we spent a great deal of our time in Montezuma, actually. I will post more pictures of it. There was a cat, Luna. Plus the manager was a Mac user.

  3. i love the pics michelle..see you soon!

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