February 16, 2005

Moving backward to Mal Pais. Yes folks, “Bad Country.” Really, it wasn’t all that bad. We stayed at a surf camp owned by a surfer from New Jersey. Nice place. They had hot water which is kind of hard to find in Costa Rica.

A bit o’ color for you. This is the path we took from the surf camp grounds to the beach. It’s hard to translate into words the beauty of this little stretch of land. It was nothing special, really…just a lot of old trees, layers of brown leaves on the ground and caribou grazing. Perhaps it was the light that was so ethereal. No matter what time of day we ambled through here to cut over to the beach, it always seemed like it was dusk.


2 Responses to “”

  1. naperuale Says:

    So there is color in Costa Rica after all 🙂 … Beautiful pictures!!! I’ve heard from plenty of people that even the best picture can’t capture the beauty of a moment. I guess that must be right in most cases. Not in your case: you captured things that otherwise would go inadverted! Thanks for sharing!One more thing, Uhh, can horses both read and cut fences??? He, he, he

  2. argonaut Says:

    Seersly! je, je, je And they can speak English over there in Mal Pais. 😉

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