March 28, 2005

Got sick this weekend and stayed home today to rest up a bit (and do progress reports argh). I still have a pretty wicked cough but am going to be brave and go to school tomorrow (mostly because I hafta). My allotted sick days are dwindling plus I have an IEP tomorrow to boot.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    it’s YOU!!!!!
    i miss you michelle… IEPs?? are you a speech pathologist now?

  2. yamashita Says:

    hi michelle…i was sick for almost 3 weeks, so i feel your pain. anyway, im sorry we havent gotten together yet. why dont we try and shoot for an upcoming weekend to get together? email me….hope you feel better….oh guess what, im getting baptized this sunday!

  3. naperuale Says:

    I hope you are already feeling better! I guess you must be because it’s already been a week. It’s really sad you are running out of sick days, but hopefully you won’t need anymore!!!By the way, slk is our new car (rather ram’s), to be precise: 1999 mercedes benz slk 230!!! it’s a hard-top convertible and we are having lots of fun driving around in sunnyvale!!! thanks!

  4. ilikesteak Says:

    I’m not sure what an IEP is, but it sounds ominous, be brave.Feel better; the rain is subsiding temporarily.

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