July 13, 2005

I ate a good few pieces of cheese tonight at the Hollywood Bowl–a schlot of Cotswald [aka Double Gloucester with chives and onions] and Drunken Goat. Thank you, England and Spain. You done good. Also partook of smoked oysters and clams for the first time. I like.

Came home to find my Lensbaby on my front step. Thanks a lot UPS. As in “Ups, we left the package in front of your door, didn’t you get it?” Qué fastidio. Thank God it was not swiped off my front door step. Bitterness toward UPS set aside, I can’t wait to use my new Lensbaby! I have a 20D in possession, so hopefully will have time to give it a test run tomorrow before I shoot a weddin’ on Saturday.

I am showing signs of age. As I was out tonight, I got really pretty tired at 11:00pm. I am getting old, for sure.

Long live summer nights at the Bowl!
Happy Birfday Carey!


3 Responses to “”

  1. mkshih Says:

    My husband has the 20D NIkon.  Maybe he’ll take a look at this lens  you got on the web.  BTW, we’re going to the Bowl in late August to the “La Dolce Vita” one…fun, fun.

  2. argonaut Says:

    Actually, the 20D I’m using is a Canon. They make Lensbabies for Nikons, tho.Have fun at the Bowl in August!

  3. keili Says:

    had a great birfday…thanks to you and the wonderful hollywood crew. introducing gerge!

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