August 2, 2005

In reply to strandedplum´s comment on my last entry, yes, we had a rough start: a lot of waiting in airports and conversely, running to catch planes. Keili and I literally sprinted through the whole Frankfurt Airport to catch our last in a string of delayed flights. Having woken up sore this afternoon after no less than 13 hours of sleep, I would say that we´ve settled in.

Barcelona is fabulous and just as I remembered it (with a few changes of course). I feel like I never left.


5 Responses to “”

  1. skahr Says:

    Must Be NICE!

  2. argonaut Says:

    It IS!!! The Frankfurt airport was cool, if a bit smokey. Overall, BCN is great, am visiting my old haunts as well as discovering new places. There are sooo many great little art bookstores here. Plus the whole city is under seige in rebaixas (Catalan) or rebajas (Spanish) aka clearance (English). As you can imagine, we are scouring the city for deals. I found my first pair of Campers yesterday, these sweet red leather flip flops.

  3. argonaut Says:

    So, to sum up, it IS NICE. Just hot. And smokey everywhere. And I´m trying to get over a cold and am not 100% just quite yet.

  4. skahr Says:

    Don’t forget to feast on one of those giant Sheep heads hanging from one of those meat-vending kiosks.  Do they have any good Mexican restaurants there?  Is there like an El Torito or anything?  How about a Rubios? 

  5. argonaut Says:

    skahr: I´m working my way through the animals. Monday I had snails and chicken, tonight I had some ducky and last night I had an mid-early-in-the-morning snack of cured Spanish ham (jamon iberico). I still need to eat rabbit. Mmmm bunny.aug: No more organic Trader Joe´s cat food with Omega-3s?

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