August 7, 2005

After a frantic sprint through the BCN airport and 2 Portuguese train rides (one air-conditioned and one sauna), we got to Portimão (in the coastal Algarve region of Portugal) in the sweltering heat of the afternoon.  Portimâo is crawling with tourists, but the ocean is still beautiful with red and ochre cliffs.  The weather is definitely more palatable than BCN, not as humid and a lot cooler at nights with a breeze coming in at night from the Atlantic.

Today and tomorrow is mostly about winding down and relaxing, but come Tuesday we may visit a grotto or two (sea cave) on a pirate ship.  Arrrrrrrr!

Boa nôite.


5 Responses to “”

  1. danaY Says:

    niice. your pictures look similar to the ones from a couple years ago. ‘am so glad that you and care are having traveling fun together. camper flip-flops?? that sounds quite cool…red ones at that!! i hope you’ve found some good finds for me…i’ll pay you back when i aquire a place of employment ;] . i hope your having more adventures with food this time around, too!!

  2. argonaut Says:

    Yesh, no food malaise or mishap this time around, thank God.   The Camper flips are cool, just have to break ’em in a bit.  Hey, there are a lot of white bohemianish skirts here in Portimão.  Do you have enough white skirts? ,)  This town is right up your alley.

  3. naperuale Says:

    Hey… Loved the pictures of Barcelona and your description of the trip. It certainly looks like you’re having tons of fun there. Really cool! I don’t know a lot of portuguese, but boa noite to you too :)Enjoy the trip and bring tons of pictures so you can post them later (you know I love’em).

  4. juliekimrx Says:

    Wow…it soundslike you’re having a blast!!!  Take a lot of pictures!!!

  5. danaY Says:

    i guess i have enough white skirts, how ’bout a white sundress?? God bless you two with traveling mercies and cute european men…I mean, for care, of course.;]

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