July 31, 2006

This is really fun–it’s a video of a street car ride through the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon, the Álfama–where Carey and I stayed in Lisbon last summer. The streets are so narrow, as you will soon see. You can literally reach out and touch someone on the sidewalk. I was once walking down a street in this nabe and a street car came up behind me–the driver yelled for me to get out of the way as both of us could not fit on the street at the same time. My instinct was to apologize but then I realized that my Portuguese was not up to the level of making apologies just yet so I just ran away.

Later on an amble through the Álfama, Carey and I found a dead rat lying in the street. Poor fella. You can’t find sordid city grit like that staying at the Holiday Inn.

Lisboa streetcar ride / 0:42 / 1,9 Mb on Vimeo


2 Responses to “”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wait- whats a nabe? Neighborhood? I’m on the border of K-town I think. Wilshire and Crenshaw?

  2. keili Says:

    woah, are you uploading videos of us?  i saw a dead rat in the middle of the road in vietnam and screamed bloody murder.i guess every summer i have to see a dead rat in the middle of the street in some foreign land.my flight has been delayed for another 2 hours and i will have been in the HK airport for 6 hours!!!! i’m using the free samsung e-lounge internet access.  guess what though?  they upgraded me to business class.  tight.

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