The night Augzilla was born

October 8, 2007

Doug bought Augustine his first ever Halloween getup.


Augzilla feasts on the residents of Tustin.


Reporters at the scene of the carnage snap this photograph (before being eaten).


Augzilla ponders his next meal as news cameras circle overhead.


Augzilla surveys the wreckage on the couch only to find that the locals have fled to the local fallout shelter.


Augzilla returns to his lair to feed on his reserve stock of Irvine denizens.


2 Responses to “The night Augzilla was born”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Whats up? It’s Tom, love your style. Come get some ringtones on our new blog and hear some music. Xanga supported.

  2. shyoo Says:

    Hey Michelle! The next Stroll and Savor is tonight from 5:30-9pm (Thursday, June 26). I can find out the other dates happening in July and August.

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