Recovering From Thursday

December 7, 2006

Photo 177


Recovering from Monday

December 5, 2006

Photo 164

Welcome Augustine II

December 5, 2006

Pictures of Augustine II’s first week at our house (courtesy of my camera phone):





December 4, 2006

Colds happen. I stayed home sick today and will probably do the same tomorrow. It’s a bitter cold.


Picture 1

All Nest proceeds are used to provide micro-loans to women to start self-sustaining art or craft-based businesses in developing countries.

Saturday Breakfast

November 6, 2006

Doug was schweet and picked up a hearty little breakfast for us from Mustard Deli in Irvine yesterday: eggs benedict and a ham and swiss sandwich. Plus a few pictures of our living/eating area in early Saturday morning light.

Paper Source OPEN!!!

November 1, 2006

My beloved Paper Source is now open at South Coast Plaza, Crystal Court. Adjacent to the forthcoming Pacific Whey Cafe! What a sweet pair.



Last Day of Summer Vacation

August 29, 2006

Day in Redlands

August 25, 2006

Went to work with Doug today. I camped out at Fox Cafe to get some work done. Doug took me to a fab pizza place for lunch, The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe. Doug took me there because, in his own words, “I wanted you to know that Redlands has more to offer than smog, heat, dead grass and trash.” We had two pizzas: “The Five Sisters” and “No Kissing Tonight.” lol

Some more please

August 17, 2006

Tonight we made s’mores with handmade peppermint marshmallows. They were wowie zowie. This is Doug as he can hardly contain his excitement for the s’more.

August 17, 2006

Any-one ever try sweet fried milk? What IS it exactly?


Why is it so easy to start books but so hard to finish?


MontaƱa de Oro State Park near SLO on the Central Coast